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Realme entered the Indian market in May 2018 as relatively not-known, and then was marketed as a sub-brand of its much more established Oppo mother. In two short years, the company separated its brand identity from Oppo and established itself as a key player in the Indian smartphone market thanks to good products and competitive prices. The company is now looking to expand elsewhere, including the popular and fast-growing smart TV segment.

After months of chatter and rumors, the company’s first smart TVs have finally arrived. The Realme Smart TV series, priced at Rs 12,999, takes over the entry-level segment of the Smart TV with models in two of the most popular sizes for flat panel TVs in India-32 inches and 43 inches. We received the Realme 43 inch smart TV with Android TV for review. Read on to learn all about this all-new affordable smart TV.

Realme smart tv design and specifications


Despite all the marketing hype and advertising, The Realme Smart TV is quite ordinary compared to other options in its price segment. Of course, this is not a bad thing; this LED TV sticks to the basics and tries to offer as much as possible at a reasonable price. While the affordable 32-inch Variant costs we had the 43-inch Variant to check out.

In addition to the obvious difference in the screen size, the more expensive Variant also has a higher resolution. While the 32-inch Realme Smart TV has an HD-compatible display (1366×768 pixels), the 43-inch Option has a Full HD panel (1920×1080 pixels). The rest of the specifications are identical in both variants, so users who look at the 32-inch model due to size restrictions do not have to worry about losing other important functions and features.

The Realme Smart TV looks pretty much like any other TV in its price segment, with thin edges on three sides of the screen and a slightly thicker chin. In the center under the screen is a Realme Logo with a small module just below it for the IR receiver and a status light. The TV is neither very thin nor too thick and has a simple black plastic back. There are two sets of speakers near the corners that pull down, for a total rated power of 24w. Each Set consists of a broadband driver and a tweeter.

The sales package includes brackets for tabletop mounting of the Realme Smart TV, and Installation is quite simple if you have a screwdriver at home. The 43-inch Variant weighs only 6.7 kg without a stand and was simple enough to be mounted and installed by yourself. The TV can be hung on a wall as it has Standard VESA sockets. However, the wall mount is an additional option that you need to purchase separately. Realme has informed Gadgets 360 that their service technicians can sell you one and configure it at the time of installation.

Although it is a Smart TV for beginners, the Realme Smart TV is quite well equipped in terms of connections and inputs. You have three HDMI ports (one to the left and two down), two USB ports (one to the left and one down), a LAN port, an antenna jack, a digital Audio-Out RCA port, a single 3.5 mm AV port, and a 3.5 mm jack for connecting wired headphones or speakers. Although this is not mentioned in the specifications, HDMI-ARC is supported on HDMI port 1.

The Realme Smart TV has a brightness rating of 400 Nits and a standard repetition rate of 60 Hz. The TV is powered by a MediaTek MSD6683 processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory for applications and application data. The TV also supports Wi-Fi for Internet connection.

Interestingly, the Realme Smart TV is a rare cover of an HDR-capable TV without 4K screen resolution. It claims to support HDR up to HDR10; a rarity in this Segment. We looked at the actual utility of this after in our Test, but there is an interesting specification to consider.

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