Redmi Earbuds S With Awesome Quality


Xiaomi’s long-awaited entry into the true wireless space in India came in may 2020 not with one, but with two affordable true wireless headphones. While the slightly more expensive and feature-oriented mi true Wireless 2 headphones are available for there is also a lot of attention paid to Redmi s headphones and its impressive prices. Redmi s headphones are among the most affordable true wireless headsets in India, in line with the Redmi brand’s philosophy of selling high quality products at affordable prices.

The Redmi s headphones are the Indian version of the Redmi AirDots S, which will be launched in China in April. Headphones are inexpensive, but promise a lot, including comfort, ease of use and good sound. Check out our review to see if the Redmi s headphones are the best affordable wireless earbuds you can buy right now.

Redmi s headphones weigh only 4.1 g each

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Redmi headphone design is the weight; the headphones weigh only 4.1 g each. This makes the headset one of the most comfortable wireless headphones available today, and the headphones have remained lightly anchored in our ears without support. The fit in the duct results in decent sound insulation, and you get three pairs of silicone end caps in the box, which makes it easy to get the right fit. The headphones are IPX4 certified for their water resistance, which is enough to protect them from the occasional splash and some sweat

The headphones themselves are pill-shaped and look simple, but tasteful. Each headphone has a large outward-facing button that allows you to control playback (a simple press to play, pause or answer calls), voice commands (a double press will call the default voice assistant on your smartphone) and low latency mode (a triple press to switch) on the Redmi s headphones. unfortunately, it is not possible to control the volume or skip tracks from the headphones themselves; You need to set this on the source device. The commands are the same regardless of which listener you use.

The powered box of the Redmi s headphones is neither too small nor too large and looks great. There are magnets that keep the lid closed and also hold the headphones in place. The Redmi logo on the cover cover is the only one on the entire product, and the back of the cover has a micro USB port for powered. Although it is not ideal in the age of USB Type-C, the micro USB port helps reduce costs and contributes to the low price of the Redmi s headphones.

The headphones support the Bluetooth SBC codec and each has a 7.2 mm driver. there’s Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, and the headphones don’t have a master-slave configuration, so you can use both headphones individually. Ambient noise suppression for voice calls is also supported. The headset promises four hours of battery life on the headphones and two additional powered cycles compared to the cover; we were able to take these statements into account in our review.

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