TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV – Features & Design


Most TVs these days use LCD panels with LED backlighting, which are the most common and lowest of all types of TV screens, but the limitations of technology can hold you back when it comes to performance. For buyers looking for a Premium visual experience, OLED is our usual recommendation. However, OLED TVs are very expensive and generally out of budget for most buyers. Fortunately, there is now a QLED medium term or Quantum Dot LED TV. These TVs try to bridge the gap between LED and OLED by offering a kind of amplified LED experience.

Although QLED TVs have been expensive so far, the recent launches of Samsung and OnePlus have made this screen technology much affordable than before. In this trend follows Nun TCL with the C715 series. The company has a strong presence in the affordable space, in India, and wants to jump into other Premium sections with its recent TV series. Dies happens comes shortly after the launch of the P715 series in India.

Today we review the TV 55 ” TCL 55c715. Tthis QLED 4K TV supports Dolby Vision and promises a better viewing experience at a slightly higher price than many popular 55-inch LED TVs. Is it worth increasing your Budget a little for the TCL 55C715? Find out in our Test.

TCL 55C715 Design and Specifications

We received the 55-inch version of the TCL-C715 series for review; this is a popular size for Premium TVs and which we personally think is ideal for most households. The TCL 55C715 is big, but not too big; if you prefer a different size, the company also has 50-inch and 65-inch models in this area.

The TV looks good thanks to a metal frame around the screen. Although the screens are pretty much the same as we would see on most 55-inch TVs, the edges look a little narrower thanks to the design of this TV. There is a TCL logo on the metal chin at the bottom, and a fabric-wrapped module just below that holds the IR receiver and indicator lights. The back of the TCL 55c715 is made of plain black plastic; while it is thin near the edges, it becomes much thicker in the middle and bottom.

All connections of the TCL 55C715 are on the right of the display, while the socket is on the left. The TV is well equipped with three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a LAN port, an antenna jack, a digital (optical) audio output, a single AV-In jack that can be used with an adapter, and a 3.5 mm Audio output jack for headphones or speaker. You can, of course, connect the TV to the Internet via 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and HDMI-ARC is supported on the HDMI-1 port. Connectors and sockets were easily accessible for us.

The TV comes with brackets in the box to mount it to the table, but it is also possible to mount the TV on the magic wand. Although our test equipment does not contain a wall mount kit, we were able to use a Standard VESA wall mount kit that we had. A rather thoughtful note from TCL in this regard was the inclusion of the screws to fix the necessary bracket on the back of the TV itself, which made it easy for us to mount the TV itself on the magic wand.

The TCL 55C715 features a 55-inch QLED Ultra HD display (3840×2160 pixels) and supports high dynamic range content up to Dolby Vision standard. There is also a local dimming with 1.296 zones to allow effective dimming of darker areas on the screen. For sound, there is a lower two-speaker system with 30W output, and audio formats up to Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD are supported. The TV has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage for apps and games and is powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core processor.

TCL 55C715 Remote Control and Functions

While we’ve usually only seen hands-free voice commands on high-end TVs like the Sony A9G, TCL offers this feature even in its affordable ranges. It is available on the TCL 55C715 and the TV always listens to a voice command “Wake-Word” – “OK Google “or”Hey Google”. In this way, you can only access Google Assistant with your voice, in the same way that smart speakers like Google Home work. You can turn off dies with a small body switch in the lower right corner of your TV.

Voice control worked well for us, and we were able to give Google Assistant instructions for functions that go beyond the TV, like setting reminders and timers. Of course, we can also request information or ask Google Assistant to open certain applications or content on the TV itself.

If you want to turn off the built-in microphone, you can always use Google Assistant through the remote control, which has its own taste and microphone. The Bluetooth remote, powered by AAA batteries, also has a shortcut key for Netflix and a flavor to launch the TCL launcher. Apart from that, there are the default buttons to adjust the volume, access settings and change the source, Android TV buttons and a d-Pad to navigate the user interface.

The only notable omission here is a mute button; you must hold down the volume button to reduce the volume to zero if necessary. It is a convenient and compact remote control, but we have some pairing problems with it, for example, it lost its Bluetooth pairing with the TV a few times, and only worked with The IR transmitter. The pairing process, however, is simple and fast enough, so that just dies a small debate of inconvenience.

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